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06 01

We’re almost, quite literally, jumping for joy as we finally launch our creative brainchild, Two Shakes. Starting our own company has always been one of those, imagine-one-day-when-we-have-our-own-business? type dreams but within the last year we realized, hey, it doesn’t have to be a dream!

One part photographer, one part writer (both by trade), creating photographic storybooks seemed to make the most sense and has come quite naturally to us. After ten years of friendship, being able to work together on what we love to do most is of course a cliche little thing to say but that doesn’t make it untrue. We need to work with purpose while making something meaningful for all the dear little kings and queens out there that are busy and immersed in the digital world.

Trying to keep things old school, we love the idea of sitting down with a book, cracking open the spine and turning the pages, one by one. And what better type of book to take to bed with your child than one where they are the star of the story? We’re also big fans of seeing images actually printed, and not lit up on tiny screen. With a focus on quality and personal sentiment, we want to give each family something that is a mix of keepsake, photo album, and storybook.

And they make incredible gifts, too!

Thanks to our family and friends for the constant support – we’re stoked to get this thing off the ground. Excited for everything that is yet to come!

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